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Maria Casino - Online Casino Review for 2021
Maria Casino is owned and operated by Platinum Gaming Limited. The casino accepts players from over 50 countries including Denmark. Maria Casino holds a license from both the Government of Gibraltar and the UK Gambling Commission. This casino...
Bet365 - an amazing Bookmaker Mobile App for Players in Croatia
The Bet365 mobile app is available for both Android users who have an operating system of 4.0 and up, and iOS users who have an operating system of 8.1 and up. This mobile app has an overall rating of 9.7/10 on Windows, Android and...
Slots Oasis
Slots Oasis offers players a pure excitement packed slots experience with great game selection, state of the art technology and the best customer service on the web. If the Slot machines are your game then the Slots Oasis is the casino for you.
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Offers a wide range of payment options from checks to Neteller, and guarantees the fastest and most secure payouts with low fees.
If you are looking for incredible entertainment, unparalleled service and some unadulterated fun then the Cherry Red Online casino is the place for you.
Online Vegas
Welcoming U.S. players with open arms, is a top-notch casino that has the Internet’s most impressive welcome bonus. Offering an amazing first 10 deposit bonuses totaling over $5000 free, it’s taking the industry by storm!

Pick from various casino games such as poker, craps, roulette, blackjack or try your luck at the scratch cards games and slot machines. Our experts have carried out extensive research in order to seek the most reliable and trust-worthy online casinos. The above casinos ranked highest when it came to payout rates, integrity, honesty, stability, security and sign-up bonuses and offers.

Did you know that online casinos prefer players that play blackjack over those that play poker?
This is because at poker, online casinos get only a small percentage. Likewise, you should search and play only those games where your chances of winning are highest unless you are an expert at another game.

Key to Success:

Why do we feel bitter when we lose? Players tend to think that winning is the only option.

You must be confident to play successfully any game at Mandarin Palace Casino, but you shouldn't base your skills on that. Decide on a pattern that will suit you, and work for you. But first think of the reasons you will win - Are you here for fun? Or for the money? What do you expect to get out of playing at online casinos? Can you handle losing money or will it devastate you?

First come to terms regarding the reasons for playing - then play.

read on playing strategy for online casinos...

How can I determine the game where I have the most chance of winning?

Online casinos post the payouts rates (usually of the preceding month). Search for these rates and play accordingly. To give you an idea of how these rates look like, I have posted below the rates of Las Vegas Casino.

Overall payout percentage = 97.50%
Progressive Slot Machines = 103.7%
Video Poker = 99.6%
Card Games = 97.5%
Table Games = 97.5%
Slot Machines = 95.1%
Keno = 86.1%

As you can see, the progressive slot machines give out more than any other online casino game. But also remember to pick the game that suits you best and you are good at.

Try Let It Ride Poker:

How to Play Let it Ride Poker at Online Casinos

Here, all you need to know to play let it ride poker at online casinos is described and detailed. Everything you ever wanted or needed to know about how to play Let it Ride Poker has been simplified for the novice as well as for the experienced player at online casinos.

Let it Ride Poker is a game where the player is not playing against anyone but against the online casinos.If you are playing at a table with 5 other players each player can win. In the article you will learn everything you ever wanted or needed to know about how to play let it ride poker at online casinos. The object is to get a pair of tens or better. The better your hand is the bigger the payoff, for example if you have a pair of tens then u will get a payoff of 1 to 1, two pair pays 2 to 1 and 3 pair pays 3 to 1. The best hand in let it ride poker is a royal flush, if you get lucky enough to get this hand you will get a payoff of 1000 to 1.

How to Play :
On a let it ride poker table there are three circles in front of each player marked from right to left as 1, 2 and dollar sign. The first step is to place your bets. You must place equal bets in each of the circles. The dealer of the online casinos will then deal each player 3 cards face down and give himself 2 cards also face down. Each player may now look at there cards and decide if they want to remover there first bet or let it ride. After each player has decided what to do with there fist bet the dealer will then turn over his first card. These cards are communal cards used by all the players at online casinos. After the first communal card is turned over each player again has the option to remove there second bet or once again let it ride. After each player makes up there minds about there second bet the dealer will turn over the second card at this point you may not remove the bets in the dollar sign circle that bet stay the entire time and must be risked. The dealer will now pay off all winners and remove the bets of the players who did not win

Let it ride poker is a fast paced game at online casinos. Normally the bets are low, but there is the possibility to win big.

OR try Texas Holdem!

Learn the basics of how to play texas holdem at online casinos. But this is not only a guide for beginners, we focus on a few advanced ways of playing at online casinos too. Why? This is all a person interested in learning Texas Holdem needs to know to begin playing.

Texas Holdem is one of the most popular types of poker played today at online casinos and poker rooms. It can be learned relatively fast, and you can be playing well after just a few games.
  1. Texas Holdem usually does not have an ante. The betting at online casinos starts with the player to the left of the dealer who is referred to as the little blind putting in half the table minimum, and the player to his left is referred to as the Big Blind putting in the entire minimum. This is called Placing the Blind.

  2. The dealer will then shuffle the cards and deal each player 2 cards face down. These cards are called the Pocket Cards
  3. This next round in Texas holdem is called the Pre Flop, and the betting starts with the person sitting to the left of the big blind. Just like in most poker games the players can fold, raise or call.
  4. Before dealing the next cards the dealer will Burn the top card. This does not mean he will light the card on fire, it just means he discards the top card to prevent cheating.
  5. This next round of cards is called The Flop. The flop is the 3 cards the dealer now deals into the center of the table. These cards are communal cards used by all the players at online casinos to try to make a winning 5 card hand.
  6. After the flop there is another round of betting that again starts with the little blind, then the dealer burns another card, then deals another communal card into the center of the table. This cad is referred to as the Turn card.
  7. Starting with the little blind there is another round of betting, then the final card called the River is dealt. After the last card is dealt there is one last round of betting before the Showdown.
  8. The showdown is last round of Texas Holdem. It is the round where all the players that are still in the game reveal their cards, and the player that was able to make the best hand using any 5 cards from the pocket cards, the flop, the turn card and the river wins.

Now that you understand the basics for Texas Holdem you are ready to play at online casinos or at poker rooms. There are many different variations of Texas Holdem. Learning them is not so difficult but mastering them will take time. Have fun.

Roulette is one of the games on offer in this site that also provides tips on how to play successfully

A wise option for players who want a secure online casino that has a range of games and the right mechanisms to ensure the players safety.

You should also try casino online south africa.

Casinos Headlines
Casino Pays out to Underage Gambler
by Kevin Lee ( February 28 2007 12:32:0 )

After a 16 year old girl won a $120,000 jackpot on a slot machine, Macau's casino authority has made the penalties for allowing anyone underage into the casinos. The girl was playing a slot machine and won the jackpot, the casino refused to pay her because for a minor to gamble is illegal, but eventually the casino gave in after the family got involved and said that if she can not gamble then the casino must return her money. Eventually the Gaming Inspection and Coordinating Board got invo...

2 Former Neteller Executives to be Charged in the USA.
by John Huse ( January 18 2007 13:59:0 )

Two of the founders of Neteller have been arrested while traveling in the United States and are being charged with laundering billions of dollars in funds from online gambling. The former executives are both Canadian citizens. The case prosecutor said that both men knew when they made their company public that the companie%u2019s actions were illegal. According to the prosecutor "Blatant violations of U.S. law are not a mere "risk" to be disclosed to prospective investors," and "Criminal ...

Bookmaker Must Pay Winners
by Richard Miller ( January 4 2007 13:59:0 )

Before you make a bet on something make sure the other person does not already know the outcome. This is the lesson a British bookmaker is learning, after they accepted bets on the plot of a popular British Soap Opera. The bookmaker decided to take bets after hearing that the TV show Coronation Street was going to do a Who Shot JR type cliff hanger when they kill off long time popular character Charlie Stu...

Gambling Pharmacist Busted for Tax Evasion
by Kathy Clark ( December 17 2006 14:3:0 )

Last month a McDowell County pharmacist explained to an undercover Internal Revenue Service agent how he avoided paying taxes on gambling winnings and that he skimmed profits from his pharmacy according to a federal search warrant, which was unsealed Thursday. The owner of the pharmacy was arrested last month on charges of conspiracy to evade reporting almost $2 million dollars from his gambling and a quarter million dollars from his pharmacy every year for about 5 years. The pharmacist?...

Sweepstake or Slot Machine
by Ruth Nelson ( December 3 2006 13:40:0 )

According to a ruling by the Alabama Supreme Court on Friday, video sweepstakes games like the ones found at a Birmingham dog track are a form of illegal gambling, and are no different then a slot machine. The unanimous ruling is a reversal of a previous ruling from the Jefferson County Circuit Court, who previously ruled that the game known as MegaSweeps was not a lottery and ran on a different system then slot machines of gambli...

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