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About Online Casinos 18

We are a casino portal that focuses on grading and and examining casinos until we can create a list of the best online casinos for each week. Generally, most online casinos regularly offer sign-up bonuses of free bonuses to entice you to enter their casino and play there. But how can you scour the many to find the best bonuses? Well - you can't because it would take you a very long time.


You don't have the time, but we do! We use a team of well-experienced players along with a team of seasoned experts. Each member is given a number of online casinos randomly to survey and they have to rank the casinos according to a set number of features. Some of these features include the amount of free bonus, the amount of sign-up bonuses, the payout percentage and the level of customer service.

We then add up the grades given to each casino. Accordingly, we then rate them by rank and order them from the best to the worst. Because we do not wish to defame any casino, we only post the top ranks.

Since online casinos frequently change bonuses and other features we also continuously recheck each casino for the above details. For this task we usually allocate only one player who reviews all the casinos. If this player's grades are inconsistent with the rank, we then add this casino to the list of online casinos for review and the entire process begins anew.

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