Learn What Types of Keno Bets Exist and How to Use Them Properly.

Keno Bets and Strategy

Keno is a game similar to bingo. Players bet on as many numbers as they want from a set of 80 Keno numbers, after which 9 winning numbers are generated either by an electronic RNG (random number generator) or by a mechanical device that blows ping-pong ball with numbers printed on them out of a plastic container. Players are paid if some of the numbers they bet on match the winning numbers. This page describes various types of Keno bets and gives you a basic strategy that will help you lose less.

Online Betting:

Betting is done by marking the selected numbers on a Keno ticket that then must be taken to the Keno booth, where bets are accepted. There are various types of Keno tickets that either allow players to bet on one or more single numbers or on groups or combinations of numbers.

Keno Bets:

  • Straight Ticket: a one game ticket where a player can mark one or more single numbers.
  • Way Ticket: a ticket that allows a player to bet on one group or a combination of some groups of numbers.
  • Combination Ticket: a ticket where a player selects one or more groups of numbers and indicates how these groups would be combined to form a number of tickets.
  • King Ticket: a ticket that allows a player to select one or a number of groups and one single number to use with all these groups.
  • Multi-Race Ticket: a ticket where a player can bet on a number of games in a row.


The first thing we want to warn you about is that there is no such thing as a winning keno strategy. Do not believe anyone who will try to sell you one. Keno has a 25 percent house edge and is one of the less profitable casino games. Played in a very slow pace (one game per 6-10 minutes) Keno will not empty your pockets as fast as some other casino games, unless you speed the game up by betting a lot of money. The strategy below will help you to play the safe way and, although it will not help you profit from the game in the long run, it will allow you to have fun playing Keno without profiting the casino too much.


  • The minimum bet size allowed in Keno is usually a dollar or two. Do not play any more money.
  • Forget about any kind of sequence analysis. Keno numbers are random and do not follow any logical scheme.
  • Do not play the same numbers over and over again hoping that sooner or later they will appear. They surely will appear somewhere within the eternity, but you will most probably lose much more money betting on them than you will win.
  • Do not use Multi-Race tickets, so you will be able to leave the game or miss a round or two any time you want without being obliged to finish the ticket.
  • Use Keno as a form of rest from more stressful casino games and do not expect to profit from Keno

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