Here you can read about some of the top women poker players in the world

Learn About Women Who Play Poker:

With the growing popularity of the poker game, the percentage of women playing poker increased. Here you can read about some of the top women poker players in the world.

Annie Duke

Annie Duke is one of todays top playing poker women. She was the leading woman money winner at the WSOP and one of two women playing poker who participate in high limit games. Her winnings in WSOP tournaments total is more than 770,000 dollars.

Cindy Violette

Cindy Violette is one of the best professional women playing poker, and according to some experts, she is considered as one of the best pro poker players in the world, regardless to her sex. She is specializes in playing No Limit Texas Holdem and 7 card stud. Violette won the 7 card stud Hi-Lo event at the 2004 WSOP.

Jennifer Harman

Jennifer Herman is one of the two women playing poker high limit games, the second one is Annie Duke. She made it to the WSOP final tables seven times by now and won two gold Bracelets, Deuce to Seven Lowball in 2000, and Limit Holdem in 2002. She is considered by many as the best pro poker player amongst all the women playing poker in the world.

Susie Isaacs

Susie Isaacs was twice the winner of WSOP womens Championships. She also made it 10th place at the main WSOP event. Her favorite poker games are No Limit Holdem and 7 card stud.

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