Various Gambling Systems to Choose from When Playing Casino Games

Betting systems have existed for as long as gambling has to deliver the information on how people perceive or misperceive probability. Here, you will gain knowledge about other betting systems available when playing different casino games

Our best online casino portal, Online Casinos 18, offers different betting systems to improve your gaming odds when playing blackjack, craps, roulette, wagering on horses and many other casino games:

The Gagnante Marche System

This "Hot and Cold" system views gambling process as a matter of streaks, which a bettor needs to catch from the very beginning. The logic behind this system hypothesizes that sooner or later a streak will develop and when it does, a bettor will be there from the beginning though the chances to switch sides quick enough to win back the money are reasonably small.

The Parlay System

The object of this structure hides in reinvesting the winnings on the next bet if the player wins. Therefore in the next bet if the player loses, he only loses his first bet or receives four units back if the bet is won. While this system is not free of risk, it offers the least amount of risk of all wagers because the player is only concerned with a win, place, or show selection or a combination of the three.

The D'Alenbert System

This money management system is employed for even money betting and involves adding a unit to your last bet if you lose and removing a unit every time you win. The sequence and amount you raise or lower can be changed to fit different games and odds. This type of betting is safe; however, for this system to work all the time a player needs an even spread of the even odds bets, i.e. no long periods of preference for either side of the even odds bet.

Reverse Systems

The reverse gambling system is the most strangely ingenious of all money management systems. The concept of the reverse system can be used with most of the systems we provide right here on this page. For instance, a reverse D'Alenbert would involve increasing your bet one unit after a win and decreasing your bet one unit after a loss.

The 1-3-2-6 System

This positive progression money management system is based on the idea that a player can win four times in a row. Subsequently, the first wager will be 1 unit, the second wager will be 3 units, the third wager will be 2 units, and the fourth wager will be 6 units. Each time a player loses at any level, he will start over again with the original betting amount. A player can lose six times at the worst level of betting, and with only one win, which is a complete cycle; he will win his money back.

Card counting in Blackjack

A sufficiently clever player can predict the next hand simply by counting cards, especially if there is only one deck of cards in the game. Theoretically, card counters have an inherent advantage of up to 1.5% against the casino, depending upon which system they use, however, most casinos can expel any player they want and it is usually fairly easy for a casino to detect and expel a successful card counter. Even without expulsion, casinos have made things more difficult for card counters by increasing the number of decks in play at one time.

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