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Online Casino Myths

Gamblers are constantly looking for ways to beat the casino by developing theories and methods to turn the odds on their side. Remember that gambling is a sport, a fun hobby to past your time with or a cruel battle with luck. The less control you have over the game, the more loose and light the game is, because there is nothing you can do about it, it is merely a matter of luck.

This page examines different gambling myths, their reliability and affectivity in real life:

Fable 1:

Myth: Previous random events have some correlation to future random events.

Brief Explanation: According to this myth, an event that has not happened recently has high probability of approximate occurrence. This phenomenon is known as the "gambler's fallacy". An example for this method is waiting for three reds in roulette and then betting on black.

Conclusion: No matter what pattern of random events have occurred in the past, they have no correlation or effect whatsoever on what will happen in the future.

Fable 2:

Myth: If you lose a hand of Blackjack, you should double your bet to recoup your losses every time.

Brief Explanation: This betting strategy is called The Martingale System. Using this betting strategy playing online Blackjack is very dangerous for your bankroll and you do not actually get any gains from it.

Conclusion: Avoid using Martingale System because online casinos set table limits and we cannot double forever even if we did have infinite bankrolls.

Fable 3:

Myth: A slots jackpot would have been mine if I only had one more quarter!

Brief Explanation: Stories abound of slots players finishing play on a machine only to watch as another player immediately wins the jackpot on the next spin. These players can be forgiven for thinking they have just been desperately unlucky, but the truth is, they haven't.

Conclusion: Modern slot machines use highly-evolved Random Number Generators which generate random numbers at a rate as high as a million numbers per second. As soon as the lever is pulled or spin button online is clicked, the machine will use the most recently generated number to determine that spin's outcome. A fraction of a second delay will produce an entirely different outcome to the spin; therefore, each and every new spin is a random event.

Fable 4:

Myth:Online games are rigged by the computer and it is nearly impossible to win at internet casinos.

Brief Explanation: New technologies might seem not very reliable, but it is a solid fact that many customers have won thousands of dollars from casino websites.

Conclusion: Online casinos depend on players winning, unless people won and lost as they would in a live casino, internet casinos would not have reached the heights of popularity that have made them the fastest growing internet industry today.

The Verdict

We know for a fact that the house keeps its interest guarded so even if there was a gambling system that helps to beat the casino, it wouldn't be allowed there. Casinos provide gambling games that are designed to return to them a small profit. There are no betting systems that can beat casino games, otherwise we would all be rich and the casinos would all be bankrupt.

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