Useful Roulette Advices

The roulette tips detailed below are meant to be a guide to help you to make better decisions in your play

Little Tips on Roulette Betting

As you probably know, two major types of roulette exist in gambling world:

  1. European roulette or French Roulette with 37 numbers (1 to 36, 0)
  2. American roulette with 38 numbers (1 to 36, 0 and 00)
Both roulettes have the same payout structure, but as you can see, American roulette has one extra number (00) which means you double your chance of loosing. For player's sake, always look for a roulette table with a single zero, in other words pick European roulette when you have the option.

Pick a segment of the wheel and bet the adjacent numbers.

Do not use the double up system after a loss; eventually you will lose all your cash.

Remember that roulette is mainly the game of chance. Since each spin is independent of the previous round, no number, color or column is ever "due".

Be careful of these must win systems! I do not know whether any of these "guaranteed winning" systems actually work.

Look for casinos that offer you the surrender rule. This will cut the house edge almost as much as if you were playing at a single zero roulette game.

Try the same eight numbers consecutively (five times max).

Bet spreading increases your odds of winning more in the end. Instead of betting a stack of chips on your lucky number, place only one chip on it and use the rest to place corner bets. If you win, use winnings to increase your bets, but if you lose, go back to the minimum bet.

Set aside a small portion of your total gambling fund for wild impulse bets. If that lucky number has come up two spins in a row, and you are determined to place a bundle on it during the next spin, use your betting fund. If you lose, you will only lose a portion of your financial capital.

Set your betting limit and stick to it! Gambling is no fun when you wreck your finances!

Address these advices skeptically, in other words do not take them for granted. Ultimately, it is your money, your gut feeling and your own experience, that guide through major betting decisions.

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